Wycombe Tuesday Evening Roof Grades - 2013 - period 4 Valid until end December 2013
Saloons * 2012 Club Champion
** National Grade
*** Other class
**** Good performance
Name Score Grade 9 Scores to count Average score
Allan Priddle 798 Superstar*   8 99.8
Jim Harrington 774 Red   8 96.8
Philip Dancer 770 Blue   8 96.3
John Dancer 767 Blue   8 95.9
Pete Fellows 372 Yellow   4 93.0
Keith Painter 299 Red***   3 99.7
Matt Richardson 198 Red***   2 99.0
Chris Burton 94 Yellow   1 94.0
Gary Honey 46 Yellow   1 46.0
Chris Harman   Blue      
Steve Gibbons   Yellow      
James Burling   Superstar**      
Craig Hook   Superstar**      
Adam Ambrose   Red      
Ben Denyer   Red**      
Bernie Hook   Blue**      
James Harrington   Blue      
Ben Sandling   Blue      
Robin Schumacher   Blue****      
Scott Hook   Blue      
Dan Smith   Blue****      
Daniel Bennett   Yellow      
Jake Barrett   Yellow      
Tom Barrett   Blue***      
Joe Staker   Yellow      
Tony Hurdle   Yellow      
Barry Coppard   Yellow      
Luke Derrick   Yellow      
Toby Isaacs   Yellow      
Dan Martin   Yellow      
Ben Dawson   Yellow      
Gavin Staker   Yellow      
Ian Dale-Lace   White      
Hot Rods
Name Score Grade 18 Scores to count Average score
Simon Hadley 793 Superstar   8 99.1
Allan Priddle 758 Red***   8 94.8
Tom Barrett 757 Red   8 94.6
John Dancer 745 Blue   8 93.1
Philip Dancer 734 Blue   8 91.8
Mark Goodchild 695 Silver   7 99.3
Scott Cave 633 Blue   7 90.4
Neil Bowerman 631 Superstar*   7 90.1
Tim Barrett 346 Yellow   4 86.5
Mark Stiles 198 Red****   2 99.0
Jon Couzens 198 Red****   2 99.0
Marcus Askell 184 Red****   2 92.0
Daniel Bennett 132 Yellow   2 66.0
Shaun Taylor 96 Superstar (Thunder)   1 96.0
Jason Beattie 93 Blue****   1 93.0
Tony Wade 88 Red**   1 88.0
Daniel Rosamond 86 Yellow   1 86.0
Alfie Little 47 White   1 47.0
Mark Thomas   Blue      
Daniel Beattie   Blue      
Tom Stevens   Blue      
Jake Barrett   Yellow      
Dan Cotton   Yellow      
Jay Gazur   White      
Ian Mee   White      
Chris Booker   Red**      
Ben Maskell   Yellow      
Sam Campbell   Red**      
Craig Hook   Red****      
Aidan Gilbert   Yellow      
Marc Beattie   White      
Sam Dimelow   Yellow      
Michael Wright   Red**      
Dan Smith   Blue****      
Richard Kennedy   Yellow      
Ben Sandling   Blue****      
Dan Martin   Yellow      
Andrew Dean   Yellow      
Mark Musgrove   Blue****      
James Swann   Yellow      
Nicholas Child   Red****      
Tony Hurdle   Yellow      
Dean Kennedy   Yellow      
Jon Dixey   Blue****      
Bernie Hook   Yellow      
Nic Child   Yellow      
Michael Moore   Yellow      
Roy Calver   Blue      
Chris Dean   Yellow      
Daniel Cronk   Yellow      
Jason Burnap   Yellow      
Trevor Palmer   Yellow      
Seb Bowerman   Yellow      
Barry Weatherhead   Yellow      
Gavin Staker   Yellow      
Ben Jackson   White      
Jack Giles   Yellow      
Luke Peek   Yellow      
Sam Dimelow   Yellow      
Rob Jones   White      
Ben Dawson   Yellow      
Sean Cronk   Yellow      
Callum Watson   White      
Charlie Draper   White      
Josh Draper   White      
Jake Barrett   Yellow      
Alan Ashworth   Yellow      
William Harvey   White      
Ben Smith   White      
Harry Hannafin   White      
Jon Best   White      
Mark Richardson   White      
Luke Evans   White      
Jon Leeke   White      
Rod Guidelines
SuperStar 1 Winner
Star 2 10%
Blue 6 35%
Yellow 7 40%
White 2 Rest
Saloons Guidelines
SuperStar 1 Winner
Star 1 10%
Blue 3 35%
Yellow 4 40%
White 0 Rest
Drivers cannot be graded lower than one below their grade in another class. E.g. Superstar Saloon must be no lower than Red in Hot Rods.
Drivers cannot drop more than one grading per grading period.  So if a Superstar does not attend during a period they will only ever drop to Red in the next grading period.
Superstar or Red Graded drivers cannot drop below Blue for a 2 year period.
2012 Club Champion