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Micro Off Road

WRCC races micro off road cars at its Monday evening meetings. WRCC features an all-carpet, high grip racing surface onto which we place various ramps, jumps and obstacles that are aimed at challenging the capabilities of both car and driver.

It is this that usually results in off-road racing being a good test of driving and car setup ability, as horsepower and the latest equipment aren’t as important as in some other classes; technique and consistency are the keys to going fast!

Micro off-road presents the perfect opportunity for beginners to try model car racing. Very good ready to race cars can be purchased from most good model shops for as little as £150, and with spares being very cheap in comparison to other classes, micro cars are ideal for younger racers as they offer an affordable yet fun class to race in.


In addition to regular club meetings, there is also a dedicated BRCA national championship for this class where the country’s best drivers race to win the title of British Champion. One-off events are also common, with many clubs holding Sunday open race meetings, and these provide a stepping stone from club to national competition.

Cars & Equipment

As with any class, there are several different cars to choose from depending on a drivers experience, ability and budget.
The following cars are currently popular, and all competitve in the right hands:

  • Schumacher LC Racing Micro Buggy
  • Carisma GTB
  • Losi Mini Eight

At WRCC we now run control tyres. These are very long lasting tyres which further reduce the running costs of this great class of racing. These are Fastrax Fast0073 which can be purchased at the club or from online shops

The cars run inexpensive Lipo battery packs which give the cars great performance along with micro brushless motors and speed controls.

For furhter information, pop down to one of our Monday meetings and see what all the fuss is about!