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What’s it about?

Want to get sideways? Drifting is different to all the other classes we run in that it’s not about who gets around the track the fastest; it’s about setting up your chassis with a perfect balance between slip and grip so you can hold your car ‘on angle’ with your front wheels pointing in the direction the car is travelling (whilst the rest of the car is at an angle; so understeering). The best way to understand drifting if you are new to it is to do a search for ‘Japan Drifting’ on Youtube and see for yourself!

There are also many main stream full size drift events such as the British Drift Championship and Formula Drift that are worth checking out.

So if it’s not about who’s fastest, how is it judged?

The skill in drifting is the technique of holding a car in a drift, setting up the car so that it drifts the way you like; RC drift chassis have an insane amount of parts that can be adjusted to fine tune the car set up! As a result the price of proper drift chassis is slightly higher than other classes but new entry levels chassis of very high quality are now emerging at very reasonable prices!

Judges scoring in drift events is always based on the line a driver holds (usually they have to hit marked ‘clip points’), the angle of the car and the smoothness and consistency of the drivers technique. Usually drivers compete two at a time, each driver taking a turn to lead and the other following. The idea is the lead car holds the perfect line and the chase can gets as close (and by ‘close’ we mean door to door, not bumper to bumper) as possible! Judges score the drivers based on these core factors.

Is it fun?

Damn right! Usually when not competing drivers form drift trains with as many cars as possible following the same line in tight proximity to each other, it is a real buzz and a sight to behold!

Drifting is also all about replicating full size drifting as precisely as possible, so as aside from the rc chassis a big part is the detail of the tracks, the scenery and probably most importantly, the body shells. Drifters put a lot of time into their body shells with amazing paint work, scale spoilers, intercoolers and variety of other awesome detail. Just check out the photos on the ‘WRCC Drifters’ D Facebook page and this site!