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Wycombe Radio Car Club - Newsletter January

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Wycombe Radio Car Club - Newsletter JanuaryTop

Welcome to 2015 @ Wycombe Radio Car Club:

Happy New Year to you all. It is 2015 and the racing season is fully underway. Following the committee changes for this year there have also been some changes to our race night line up.

Monday nights are still Micro Offroad and are pulling in the drivers from all over the country! Also the very successful Saturday Winter Series is still being run and sponsored by DMS Racing. This is always well supported.

Tuesday nights have had perhaps the largest changes. This year Tuesday is shared between the oval racers and the circuit racers. Unfortunately Saturday circuit racing is not currently being run so we needed another night we could get race director coverage for circuit.

This is also hoped to work well for the quality of oval meetings. Fewer meetings will hopefully concentrate the drivers on those nights to improve attendance, boost atmosphere and make the meetings more enjoyable to attend.

Oval race on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesdays of each month.

Circuit race on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.

Circuit racing seems on the up all over the UK with GT12 the real growth area.  3 new chassis have been released in recent months for GT12 from Mardave, Zen Racing and Schumacher.  This has stimulated another big boost.  We will run BRCA National Rules for GT12 to attract a real following for the class at Wycombe.  For more information see here: http://www.wycomberacing.co.uk/Classes/GT12Circuit/GT12Circuit.aspx

We will also run a special heat for oval cars on circuit Tuesday so drivers can continue to race every week if they want to.

The Drifters remain on Thursday and have been having some great attendances. They are still making a big effort to make the track something people enjoy to drift on. The drift contingent also running 2 Sunday drift meetings per month. These again have had lots of visitors to the club.

The Bangers have moved from their long term regular night of Thursday to Friday in 2015. The first two meetings very well attended with the second having 16 drivers. This is a great start that will build over the year we think. The Friday night more suitable for visitors and younger drivers. The Wycombe Banger community are also committed to another busy year of open meetings. Lots of special meetings planned throughout 2015.

Thank you to all those people that have already re-joined the club. Remember you all need BRCA membership to race at Wycombe.

The only people exempt from this are beginners that have never been BRCA members before. (3 meetings before needing membership to try the sport)

All this seems very strict but it is for liability insurance and really very important for us! If an accident did happen and the drivers involved do not have BRCA insurance then the club and race director would be liable. So this is why we keep talking about this!

For those on a tight budget you can re-join the BRCA online via their website.  Check out the instructions here:


Remember though non-members pay £7 to race.  Club members £5.

Rental cars:

Towards the end of last year the club invested in 4 Mardave Mini kits with the intent to use these as rental cars.  These cars are fast and handle well and are importantly very robust! With the exception of Monday night (they won't like ramps!) these cars can be rented out either singlely or as a group. So if you have some friends you can rent all 4 and have your own race on one of the nights.  The cars seem equally at home on the oval or circuit...so get booked in and have a go!

Cost is £10 per car including the race fee.

Maintenance days:

We have been improving facilities at the club this year steadily.  Having organised a maintenance day in January and some work parties on Wednesday evenings.

We have improved the outer track barriers with a plastic covering to make them more robust.

Jason Markham, Mark Matthews and Aaron Matthews have worked hard to create a new inner track barrier for the oval which looks great.

We have been working hard on making the circuit barriers more forgiving for our new circuit night.

The Micro Offroad drivers are now enjoying new hose pipe barriers which work well for their cars.

The area underneath the rostrum has been spring cleaned and the rubbish taken away.  This was a big effort for a few people so thank you to them.

All in all the club is looking great.  We will continue maintenance days throughout 2015 to keep on top of all the jobs we need to do.

Saturday Micro Meetings:

Saturday 17th of January saw round 4 of the DMS Racing sponsored Winter Series.  This time it was Darren Boyle taking the win but pushed hard by Sam Dimelow.

Tuesday Circuit Meetings:

The first Tuesday circuit meeting of 2015 was a great success with 2 heats of GT12 and 1 heat of LMP12.  GT12 was fought out between Mark Stiles now racing regularly on a Tuesday with his Zen Racing GT12 and Simon Hadley with his Mardave Assassin.  Mark taking the win on this occasion despite a mistake dropping him behind Simon.  Watch the great final here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj6KeO1J_jo

Patrick Bandeira won the LMP12 final.

Tuesday Oval Meetings:

The first oval meeting of the year was run for the Saloon Stox and Hot Rods.  Ministox back on the bill soon!

In the Hot Rods Aaron Matthews took the win with a fine 80 lapper from Jason Markham.

In the Saloon Stox it was Matt Richardson taking the win from Jim Harrington.


We are bringing back Ministox to the club after a long time away.  These will run on the Tuesday night oval nights in 2 guises.  The first being National Ministox as per the National rules.  The second being a low cost club formula.  We are excited about this and think it will prove popular.

The aim to be racing competively with every thing you need for under £150. This formula will run alongisde the National cars but in 2 different series.  For details see here:http://www.wycomberacing.co.uk/Classes/Ministox/Ministox.aspx

Latest update on the 20th January we had 7 cars and the drivers had "a lot" of fun.

Club Drifting and Drift Sundays

The Drifters have had a great start to the year with some well attended drift events.  They are continually improving the track and scenary and have also made the big committment to 2 Drift Sundays per month.  

Banger Bucks Open:

The first open meeting of the year was the Bucks Open on the 11th of January.  Bodyshells for this one needed to be under 1600cc.

As ever some great car prepartion and a decent turnout.

The winner of the A final Kelly Clark from Mark Cooper and Allan Priddle.

Banger Club Meets:

2 meetings down already and 16 cars last time out show that the decision to move to Friday was a good one! Keith Painter took the win in round 1 from Lee Treasurer in second.

21st Anniversary Birthday Meeting:

We have been discussing some ideas for the anniversary birthday meeting for the club.  The club has now been running now over 20 years.

We thought it apt to somehow include the humble Ministox which is where it all started for the club.

So the idea is to run the 2015 12 hour endurance meeting using this car.

Currently the idea is to keep the car specification as a brushed motor with 1S Lipo or 4-cell Nimh battery packs.

No bumpers permitted and a Lexan or ABS SWB shell. (There are other choices not just Minis!)

Date needs to be finally confirmed but we are thinking of perhaps the 24th of May.

Rules and date to be confirmed soon.  If you are interested then please contact chairman@wycomberacing.co.uk.

2015 Oval Nationals:

The National Series for the Hot Rods, Saloons and Ministox is again running this year and hopes to be better than ever.  Bangers are also on the calendar with the other classes for the first time and are following BWS rules.

The following rounds are planned:

March 29th - Norwich

April 26th - High Wycombe

May 31st - Hots Haywards Heath

July 26th - Solent

Aug 23rd - SMF Raceway

September - 27th Bognor

October 18th - Worlds for Hotrods - Mini's - Saloons 1 day meeting

As you can see our round is on the 26th of April.  Entry is already available on the BRCA website.  Just log in and you can enter and pay online this year.

Also look at the Worlds event in October.  Going to be great and for the first time all 3 classes are included.

Micro Offroad National Watford:

Sam Dimelow helped organise and setup a great Micro National at Watford.  Some of the clubs ramps and jumps were used and the event well received.  Sam even managing to get us some good publicity with a well placed banner!


The 2015 calendar is now updated on our website.  So please take a look here:


We have also created a shared Google calendar for the club.  You can see that here:


Banger Calendar:


Circuit Calendar:


Wycombe Radio Car Club Newsletter - November 2014Top

Wycombe Radio Car Club Newsletter - November 2014

So after a good turnout for the AGM we now have some new faces on the committee. New faces bring new ideas and so lots of exciting things will be happening to make our club busier and better.

THE NEW COMMITTEE   (ok not exciting news but essential to keep our club open ! ) 

Chairman Mark Goodchild

Vice Chairman Liam Curtis

Treasurer Neil Bowerman

Secretary Neil Bowerman

Membership Secretary Matt Townsend

Promotions Dan Martin

Website Administrator Tom Stevens

Monday Night Race Directors Sam Dimelow, (Tim Barrett)

Tuesday Night Race Directors Neil Bowerman, Jason Markham, (Matt Richardson) 

Thursday Night Race Directors Dave Cox, Dan Martin, (Allan Priddle) 

Drifters Representatives Carl Eastman, Brad Hodgkinson 

Saturday Night Race Director Vacant

Equipment Officer/Track Neil Bowerman, Jason Markham, Liam Curtis, Mark Matthews 

Health and Safety Officer Gary Honey

Kitchen Organiser Allan Priddle


Monday    -   Micro buggies as before

Tuesday   -  FROM DEC 2014 - 1st and 3rd tuesday OVAL  , 2nd and 4th tuesday will be Circuit  / GT12 / LMP12  - (if a fifth tuesday in the month a long oval night )  

Thursday  -  Drifters as before 

Friday      -   FROM JAN 2015 - BANGERS will be 1st and 3rd FRIDAY of every month , ( if a 5th friday in the month a themed meeting )

Please also note that Saturday evening racing is not currently being held.  We will try and find a solution to get Saturday racing back on at WRCC asap  We hope to maybe run an event for each different class once a month on a Saturday , but currently we do not have a race director for Saturday..... ANYONE INTERESTED IN HELPING OUT / OR RUNNING ANY NIGHT / EVENT PLEASE LET US KNOW  


Neil's Blog... 

Back in the day (before being spolit with 20 years at our current Leigh Street permenant location ) WRCC was actually Wycombe Mini Stox Club and set up in a local school hall once a week to race Ministox   .. so maybe we should look back to our roots to see what managed to get so many people motiviated and working togther to set up a committee ,find , restore and build a derelict buiilding into the top club we now all enjoy 

The Minis they raced were very basic , ( meaning less to break and easier/ cheaper to keep them going )  but great fun things to race ... 

Saloon stox and hot rods have taken over from the humble ministox but since last years rule changes these have moved very much out of the "cheap fun" cars they were .. indeed expensive brushless systems  , expensives lipos and endless upgrades to be competitive make them now really way beyond the realms of most beginners budgets , let alone juniors .

So we are introducing a new club class , designed to be fun, cheap and competitve to give people an affordable way into rc racing and get people through our doors (and see what else goes on there)   .... this will be our club forming  MiniStox !  

Not only will we be racing them , but building on the success of our "loan cars" we will be buying four club Minis that will be available to club members and visitors  to arrive and drive  !     

So you can challenge your mates , sons , daughters etc on our track in head to head same car racing ..... surely far more fun than any  PS4 / Xbox online game  .

We will be running our Mini's on Oval  , circuit and banger track so plenty of choice for your mini challenge , and an excellent way of attracting new people into our club ,and see what else we do ... so whilst it may not be drifting or micro buggies these should help every night .   

We may be able to offer " Italian Job challenges "  or even kids Mini racing parties , so watch this space ! 

I am looking forward to seeing some big names in all forms of r/c racing  going head to head on our track in matched Minis and trying to get on our "Mnii Wall of Fame "    .... so who is up for the WRCC  Mini challenge .... far better than any Ice Bucket challenge surely 

We hope to have "club cars " for every class eventually , but at present we will start with minis 

So with the lack of race directors for Saturday nights and strong interest in running every other week for oval we will be now running Oval (with ministox , hot rods  and  saloon stox ) on first and third tuesdays of month , and circuit  (minis +  GT12 and LMP12 ) on second and third tuesdays .this we hope will build interest , avoid driver fatigue and give more people the chance to race "their" formula at our great club .

Bangers certainly get the attention from junior drivers ,but being on a thursday (school) night  means more people could  attend if on a friday ...so starting in January 2015 will be moving from every thursday to racing every other Friday , making it easier for travelling driviers and juniors to attend


Micro buggies  have been busy and their succesfull SATURDAY DAYTIME  Winter Series is well under way  ..see facebook - Micro buggy WRCC .. ( and please like )

Drifter numbers are steadily building and even saturday events by them could be planned  - see facebook WRCC Drifters ..(and  please like ) 

It is hoped with Sat night now free the various classes will put on Saturday racing events , ideally we would like to be open every saturday but for different racing each week .... so again watch this space

Our track barriers have been taking a battering in recent months as particularly saloon stox getting faster can cause more impact ... so whilst some ideas have not seemed to work as we would have liked we will be taking action to improve its impact resistance whilst not making too solid to damage cars .... clearly a hard job , but we will get there        

Any help is always grateful with club maintenance , and this year our annual club maintence over the Christmas period  ( Sat 3rd Jan 2015 and sunday 4th Jan 2015 )   being a date to help out at the club ,if only for an hour or so ! SO PLEASE COME DOWN AND HELP  .. even if you can only make tea !  

We also have now have a red Coca Cola fridge just for cans , and the Guinness frdige for milk is now beside the kettle ! (don't forget to put money in the tin .. all money goes to club )    

We are looking forward to a busy winter and brighter  future in the club  .... so come down and do the Mini Challenge  ! see facebook "Wycombe Radio Car Club"  (and please likie )

WRCC MINI CHALLENGE ....coming soon !WRCC MINI CHALLENGE ....coming soon !"From the old secretary to the new secretary"  Jim  accepting his WRCC lifetime achievement  award from Neil"From the old secretary to the new secretary" Jim accepting his WRCC lifetime achievement award from Neil

Wycombe Radio Car Club Newsletter - September 2014Top

Wycombe Radio Car Club Newsletter - September 2014

So with autumn approaching we move into what is typically a busy time for the club.  Drivers return to action after catching the rays during the Summer and children back to school!

This newsletter is to annouce a few important dates in the club calender which are coming up soon.

AGM - Wednesday October 15th:

Our AGM will be held on October 15th at the club.  Start time will be 7:30pm.  This really is the most important date in our calendar and we need a good turn out this year.  

Key committee members will be standing down this year in numerous positions.  It has been well publicised already that Jim Harrington will be stepping down from the positions he holds.  Jim will be missed as he does a lot of work for the club.  I would like to personally thank him for all his hard work over the last 9 years. 

Jim has also offered to help train up a member to do his jobs.  However we do need a volunteer, please contact Jim if you are interested.  

In addition to Jim, Andy Tietjen is also stepping down from his Saturday night race director duties and track maintenance.  Andy has done both of these roles for many years.  Again I would like to thank him for keeping this night the success it is.

All committee positions will be available for selection this year so we need a good attendance at the meeting and people willing to take up positions to keep the club going.  Without a committee the club will not be able to run.

Race dates:

There are 2 race dates which I would also like to inform you all about.  

WRCCGP 14 - Saturday September 27th

The first is the WRCC GP meeting which has been rescheduled for Saturday 27th September.  GT12 and LMP12 will be in attendance.  

This meeting was cancelled early in the year and re-scheduled to incorporate the BRCA regional series for GT12.  We hope to see you all there and doors will open at 9:30am.

Thunder 100 2014 - Sunday October 12th

The second meeting is the third running of the very successful Thunder 100.  Due to the lack of a worlds event this year it is the biggest race on the 1/12th Oval Calendar this season.  Classes which will be run are the Hot Rods, Saloon Stox and Bangers.  Bangers will need to be over 2 litre bodyshells please.

This meeting will be held on October the 12th.

The Thunder 100 has proved popular in recent years.  The motor limits are relaxed so Hot Rods are any BRCA approved 13.5T motor and Saloon Stox are any BRCA approved 10.5 motor. (No price limit for this one)

Qualifying is to the Reedy format so based on finishing positions not most laps.  In addition we run a  Hot Lap shoot out to see who starts when on the grid for each final.  Then to the final it is a fast and frantic 100 laps....

We don't give trophies for this one and will instead continue to give out prizes!

Book in by sending your details to chairman@wycomberacing.co.uk.

Send class, roof grade, frequency, personal transponder number if you have one and if you are a junior.  Entry is £6.

It was a busy and brilliant meeting last year so be there!

Wycombe Radio Car Club Newsletter - June 2014Top

Wycombe Radio Car Club Newsletter - June 2014

Welcome to the second newsletter of 2014.  Sorry it has taken so much time to get ready!

2014 has started well for the club and the membership is steadily on the rise back to the heights of 2013.


Can I remind all race directors and members to ensure the windows are closed when you leave the club.  On more than one occasion since we have had some warm weather (Summer is here!) the windows have been left open overnight.  Please make sure this does not happen again.  Thank you.

Jumps and Ramps

As you no doubt will have seen the Micro Offroad racers now have a tidy area for their ramps and jumps.  It certainly looks a lot better than before. Thank you to everyone involved in building this area!

We would like to ask all other race nights to avoid entering this area as it has lots of heavy wooden ramps and jumps.  In addition there should be no need for any other night to use these ramps and jumps.  On occasions this year the ramps have been damaged and lots of care and effort is taken to build and maintain this equipment.

Therefore we would like to say that these ramps are only used by Monday nights.  We will be asking all race directors to keep a check on this.  If for some reason your race night needs ramps please let us know.


We must remind all new racers that you must have BRCA membership to race at the club for insurance purposes. Recently there have been some situations at other clubs where accidents have happened and the BRCA could not cover the people involved. This includes marshalls and competitors for our events.

The only case where a person does not need to have BRCA membership is when they are an absolute newcomer to the sport. Then there is a 3 race meeting rule where the person in question is covered by BRCA insurance.

We will be asking all race directors to make sure drivers are members of the BRCA at least. Remember if you are a BRCA member and not a club member the race fee is £7 per meeting.So make sure you get your membership up to date!

Committee (Looking ahead):

As you will know from the last newsletter, Jim Harrington is stepping down from the committee in October. Jim does many jobs but this does not mean the end of the club, far from it. There will also be other jobs available. Some of them that do not take much time at all!

What we do need though are some volunteers to step forward. Jim has offered to "train up" a secretary, membership secretary or treasurer. None of the jobs are too difficult, especially if spread among 3 people!

We will also be looking for race directors on all nights to ensure they all carry on in 2015. Already this year we have cancelled one Saturday evening event as Andy Tietjen was sick. This is not good and every night needs a few people that can run a meeting when required. Please let me know if you are interested in learning the race program.  It really is very easy!

We should prepare for some changes in the committee - the AGM will be held as always in October. We will inform the date soon.

Maintenance parties:

Before the Oval National on the 20th of July we will be looking to hold a track repair party to ensure the track is in good condition. This is likely to be on the 9th or 16th of July.  I will inform you all closer to the time! 

There will also be a maintenance party at the club over the Christmas holiday period. This will be held on the 3rd and 4th of January. We need as many members to attend this as possible.  So please put it in your diary!

Drfiters update:

Drifting at the club continues to go from strength to strength with the club members improving their track all the time.

The lengths these guys go to get new great looking cars on the track is staggering.

The attendances have been great too..!

The club are also running drift open meetings once per month on a Sunday.  Keep a look out for these as they are fun and relaxed days at the club.

Racing update:


Monday nights have been going very nicely of late.  Still healthy grids for the micro off-road cars even though some of our drivers race these cars mainly in the winter.

The second series of the year has been dominated by Monday's very own race director Sam Dimelow.  He has scored 5 maximum scores on his way to 1588 points.

Second place when to Mike Brown and third Tony Stark.  

Sam and Mike running the Schumacher EMB car.For information on our events we also have a new Facebook page for micros.  See here: https://www.facebook.com/microbuggy?fref=ts


Tuesday nights are our Hot Rod and Saloon racing nights.  For the Hot Rods Team Mardave's Simon Hadley dominated the series with 4 maximum scores.

Second place went to WRCC's very own webmaster Tom Stevens.  Tom really getting back in the groove this year after some time off last season.

Mark Goodchild took a distant third with 4 maximum scores but missed too many meetings this period.  Although Mark did manage to push the lap record above 90 laps! Mark Thomas also picked up some good early series results following his switch back to Mardave.

In the Saloon Stox it was Allan Priddle taking the series victory yet again.  Allan has recently switched from his trusty 6-cell car to brushless.In the process posting a 79 lapper in Round 11. Getting very near to the long standing 82 lap record.

Second place this time went to Mark Matthews.  Mark delighted to take second and move up to Red grade.  Mark racing a Team Nippy Saloon Stox.

Third place went to Aaron Matthews who did not have quite enough to take second this time.

Thursday - Bangers:

On Thursday the 2014 series is being led by Dave Cox.  Dave consistently performing well and has attended all the rounds so far, a great effort! After 20 rounds Dave leads Aaron Morris by 48 points.

Aaron has driven very well with 15, 50 point maximum scores. Aaron could certainly close the gap over the coming months.In third place is Allan Priddle with 4 maximum scores and 4th is Dan Martin with 1 maximum score.

 In the world qualifying points series for the bangers John Westwood leads the series from Keith Painter and Scott Waite.


Jay Gazur leads the spring GT12 series.  He has managed consistent scoring along with 2 maximum 101 scores. In second position, making it a family affair is Eileen Gazur. Placed third is Matthew Taylor followed by Ryan Buswell.  Russell Tietjen is fifth but has driven well with 7 maximum scores.

The LMP12 classes support has been growing and growing.  Around 8 cars being owned by club members. Even LMP12 National racer Mark Stiles racing regularly. At the moment the Spring series is being led by Lee Gazur and Manny Virdee is second.  Lee taking 7 final victories so far.Andy Tietjen is also going well in third position.  Andy having taken 8 final victories this season to date.

BRCA 1/12th Oval Saloon Nationals:

2 meetings in and our very own Simon Hadley is leading the Hot Rod National Series points.Taking the first 2 wins of the year.  Current champion Mark Goodchild is well placed in 4th currently. 

The first round at Hereford was particularly encouraging with Wycombe drivers filling the podium in Hot Rods.Simon Hadley taking a deserved win from Mark Goodchild and Mark Thomas.  

The Saloon drivers from Wycombe have also been driving well.  Jim Harrington making the A final at Solent. Mark Matthews, Aaron Matthews have also attended both rounds and did very well.

The next round is at Bognor on the 6th of July.  So if you fancy racing email chairman@wycomberacing.co.uk.

Wycombe is on the 20th of July.

See the BRCA Oval section Facebook page here:


Upcoming meetings:

Sunday 29th June: Drift Sunday

Sunday 6th July: Bangers World Series: Over 2 litre Bangers.

Sunday 13th July: Drift Sunday

Sunday 20th July: BRCA 1/12th Oval Saloon National Round 4 (Hot Rods, Saloon Stox and Ministox)

Saturday 27th September: BRCA GT12 Regional - WRCCGP 14 (Re-schedule)

Sunday 12th October (TBC): Thunder 100 (Hot Rods, Saloons)

Wycombe Radio Car Club Newsletter - February 2014Top

Wycombe Radio Car Club Newsletter - February 2014

The racing year is well underway at the club and we have had a great start to the year.  For those yet to race again this year please remember you need to renew your membership or at the very least make sure you have BRCA membership in place.  The 3 race leeway is only for new drivers to RC, not experienced drivers who have had membership in the past!

Jim and the Committee

Jim Harrington has decided to leave the committee after 8 years in the job.  The club would like to thank Jim for his hard work over the years.  Jim will continue in the current positions until the AGM in October.  However we are now looking for a Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer in advance.  This is so Jim can show you the ropes and ensure a smooth transition to the next people in the roles.  If you are interested in helping email Secretary@wycomberacing.co.uk or chat to Jim or Mark trackside.

LIPO Safety

There have been instances at the club where we have found Lipo batteries in the fire buckets.  These cells do look swollen but not unstable.  So how should you dispose of them?

One way which comes recommended is to put the swollen cell in a bucket of salty water.  It should stay in this bucket for 2 weeks by which time the cell is rendered stable and can be disposed of safely. Please do not put swollen batteries in the fire buckets at WRCC unless you think there is a genuine fire risk.

DMS Micro Offroad Series - 8th February 2014

A great turn-out of 32 drivers visited the club for the very popular DMS winter series.  A challenging track was set out for the drivers and it looked like much fun was had.  Michael Wright was the in-form driver taking the A final win.  The next round will be the 15th of March.

Banger World Series

An exciting new development from the Banger community is the Banger World Series.  This is a new series specifically for the manual speed control type cars supported by the clubs running these rules.  Wycombe has already hosted the Wycombe Open event.  This for cars with bodyshells under 1600cc.  Over 30 drivers attended the event and winning the final was Aaron Morris from Chris Harman and Keith Painter.

For those interested you can find our Banger Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/WRCCBangers

Or check out the Banger World Series here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rcbangerworldseries/?fref=ts

WRCC Drifters

The drifters have already had some great attendance and events in 2014.  The recent Sunday event was well supported.  The WRCC drifters are committed to holding one Sunday event per month throughout 2014.  For information you can visit here:


Southern Oval Series

The Southern Oval Series has been very popular this year, already 2 rounds held.  One at HOTS and another at Solent.  The 3rd round will be held at Wycombe on the 2nd of March.  The classes racing are the Hot Rods, Saloon Stox and Ministox.

We will need assistance on the day with some simple scruitineering.  If you are interested let Mark know.

Online booking is here: http://www.rcracecontrol.com/?action=showseries&id=42

If you have trouble booking in email: chairman@wycomberacing.co.uk.

The Facebook group where all the information on the series is shared is here:


WRCCGP 14 - 23rd March 2014

Come and visit WRCC for the 3rd running of the WRCCGP meeting. This year we will have racing for GT12 and LMP12 on the tight Wycombe circuit. 

Note: Additive is permitted for this event but only the 'control additive' SXT 3.0. We need to only use the kindest additive for our carpet at this event due to other track users.

GT12 is as per BRCA rules. Note only 1S/13.5. Some leeway will be allowed on shells to bring up the entry.

LMP12 will use 10.5 or 13.5 motors but in a single class for the day. The tight Wycombe circuit should even out the performance.

ENTRY FEE: £6 per ADULT or £3 per JUNIOR (under 16 on 23rd March 2014)

Doors will open at the club for 9:00am.

All entries MUST be pre booked but you can pay on the day. Closing date for entries 19th March 2013.

Information and entry forms can be found here:


Alternatively email your details:Name, Class, frequency, PT to chairman@wycomberacing.co.uk.

Last year we had 30 GT12 cars so the event was popular despite the snow! This year we hope for a bigger entry. Marcus Askell took to win last year and the report was published in Racer magazine.

So no excuses get booked in!

Want to enter? Email your details to: chairman@wycomberacing.co.uk


Upcoming events:

16th February: Bangers: Golden Oldie Bangers Pre 67 shells World Qualifier 1

23rd February: Bangers: Civil War 7 (invitation only)

2nd March: Wycombe - Southern Oval Series: (Hot Rods, Saloon Stox and Ministox)

9th March: Bangers: All Granadas (MK 1 & MK2) World Qualifier 2

15th March (Sat): DMS Winter Micro Off Road Championship - Round 6

23rd March: WRCCGP14 (GT12, LMP12 circuit (Control additive SXT 3.0)

Racing update:


The Micro Offroad racers have had a well supported start to the year.  Monday nights have seen near 20 drivers every week.  Leading the chase for the first series of the year is Michael Wright.  Michael dominating the championship so far.  Michael taking all of the final wins this year so far.  Jimmy Whitehall has been doing the chasing so far.  Second in the championship at this stage though is Jamie Armitage from Mike Brown.


Tuesday night has seen solid attendances for the Hot Rods and Saloon Stox on the Wycombe oval.  The grids bolstered by some new faces.  For the Hot Rods the first 2 A-Finals of the year were taken by Simon Hadley. Simon getting track time all over the country and improving quickly.  Since then though Mark Goodchild has taken 3 straight wins with his Mardave AC12.  Mark leading the Hot Rod Series 1 with 498 points to Simons 492.  Daniel Beattie lies third after some great runs in 2014.

In the Saloon Stox the wins have been spread around with John Dancer, Matt Richardson and Graham Coles all taking A-final wins.  2013 champion Allan Priddle is still the man to beat with 2 A-final wins.  Currently leading the series is John Dancer from Graham Coles and Jason Markham.


The Thursday night bangers have been enjoying renewed interest due to the Banger World Series.  This has seen the grids growing week on week.  So far this year the wins have been mostly taken by Aaron Morris with 3 victories.  Allan Priddle grabbing the other win.  Winning the series though for January with good consistency and attendance has been Dave Cox just edging out Dan Martin second and Aaron third.


Saturdays have been well attended too.  This year Andy Tietjen has been running LMP12 and trying to get this class off the ground at Wycombe.  So taking the wins has been Russell Tietjen and William Ridgley.    Russell currently leading 795 points to 790.  Also taking wins have been Milan Frank and Scott Booth this year.